【What is ORPHIC】

Director : Takayoshi Shirakawa

Annual Theme : "From Asphalt To Forest And Even On The Carpet"

First collection : 2011 S/S "Season One"

Orphic shoes aim to be a comfortable neutral shoe good for all occasions which can be worn for long periods of time. The many different models offer foot ware solutions for any scene, from formal occasions to casual everyday fashion.

Using molds for dress shoes and combining them with high performance soles by Vibram, Orphic is renowned for unique styles of shoes with the Hellion series at the lead of projects which refine loafers into sneakers and wing-tips into running shoes producing a style and from which everyone wished they had but couldn't find.

「ORPHIC(オルフィック)」は、デザイナーのTakayoshi Shirakawaにより2011春夏シーズンにスタートしたシューズブランド。



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